Applying engineering theory and real world experience for practical solutions.

Falcon Enclosure Consulting, Inc. (FEC) was established in 2017 to serve the needs of many long-term clients in California, and nationwide. FEC provides a unique, practical, and more effective perspective on building enclosure design and building science. Years of expertise from different segments within the construction field allow FEC to be unlike any other consulting firm. We believe that an engineering consultant must have more than just theoretical and technical knowledge; an engineer should have hands-on and field experience to truly understand how assemblies are constructed in order to develop the best solutions.

Our focus is always our clients. We help turn even the most complicated and novel design concepts into reality, while helping to deliver a well-performing building that meets their expectations. We protect our clients by preventing future issues with the performance of the building enclosure. We pride ourselves on being a responsive and active part of the project team to engage in problem-solving and educate the owners, architects, contractors, and other experts to expedite the resolution of current issues, and mitigate future issues. We want to build and continue to develop our relationships with long-term clients for whom we can be an invaluable resource.

FEC uses our technical knowledge, hands-on experience, and dedication to the client to provide the best solutions we can for our clients which are practical for the simplest or most complex projects. Our goal is to always provide solutions which are constructible, cost-effective, and minimize construction impacts.