1500 Mission

1500 Mission


Client: Related California

Owner: Related California

Location: San Francisco

Gross Square Footage: 1,150,000 sf

Completion: April 2020

Project Type: Mixed Use

Construction: Type IA

Involvement:  Construction Observations, Field Engineering


1500 Mission Street is a 39-story 396 foot tall mixed-use building located in the heart of San Francisco. The building consists of a 550-unit luxury apartment tower, with twenty percent affordable units, and 50,000 square feet of neighborhood serving retail.

Scope of Work

FEC was called by the owner during the construction of the building when the structure was nearly complete. The project team already had two separate enclosure consultants involved, but there were many features of this building creating complex transition and conditions outside the scope of the original project consultants. FEC provided an additional set of eyes to review the installed work for quality issues and provided field engineering to develop solutions to the many complex transition conditions that occurred throughout the building.