Mason on Mariposa

Mason on Mariposa


Client: Related California

Owner: Related California

Location: San Francisco

Gross Square Footage: 420,000 sf

Completion: April 2020

Project Type: Mixed-Use

Construction: Type IA/VA

Involvement: Construction Administration, Construction Observations,

Field Engineering


Located in the heart of Potrero Hill and overlooking Jackson Park, Mason on Mariposa is a LEED Gold-certified, mixed-use development offering 299, studio to three-bedroom apartments and townhomes with a beautifully landscaped paseo connecting Mariposa Street to 18th Street. The mass of the three large buildings in the development is broken up into a village through the use of architectural features, the addition of various types outdoor spaces from balconies to kitchens, and the use of multiple cladding types.

Scope of Work

FEC was contracted by the owners during construction due to constructibility concerns related to the complexity of the Contract Documents. FEC designed a full-scale mockup to verify architectural details, installation prodecures, construction sequenceing, and to conduct quality assurance testing. Using knowledge gained from the mock-up, FEC re-designed the transition details for the 9 different cladding types, providing greater performance, simpler construction sequencing, elegant details, and cost savings.