Melrose Seward

Melrose Seward


Client: House & Robertson Architects

Owner: Bardas Investment Group

Location: Hollywood

Gross Square Footage: 95,000 sf

Completion: November 2022

Project Type: Commercial

Construction: Type IA

Involvement: Design, Construction Administration, Construction Observations,

Field Engineering


The project is a two building creative office development located in Hollywood. The building located on 6103 Melrose Ave is a new three-story building with a fourth level mezzanine. The project features a saw-tooth roof with skylights, multiple planted terraces, and multistory curtain walls. The building located on 712 Seward is a renovation of an existing two-story structure. The renovation will include a new core and facade. Similar to 6103 Melrose, the Seward renovation will include terraces, a roof garden, and multistory curtain walls.

Scope of Work

FEC has been involved since schematic design. FEC will provide consulting services for the building enclosures through design, bidding, and construction. During construction, FEC is providing construction administration services and construction observations.