Sunset Las Palmas Studios

Sunset Las Palmas Studios


Client: House & Robertson Architects

Owner: Hudson Pacific Properties

Location: Hollywood

Gross Square Footage: 100,000 sf

Completion: August 2020

Project Type: Commercial

Construction: Type IIIB

Involvement: Construction Administration, Construction Observations,

Field Engineering


Located on the historic Sunset Las Palmas Studios, this 150,000 sf core-and shell commercial office building is constructed with the film and media industry in mind. The project’s unique design consists of large outdoor terraces, open stair cases, and two grand stair cases with integrated bleachers. The exterior of the building has multiple cladding types including a varying metal panel profile, cement plaster, curtain wall, and punched window throughout.

Scope of Work

FEC joined the project team going into construction, supplementing the role of the previous enclosure consultant. We provided construction phase services, including construction administration, construction observations, field engineering, RFI assistance, and redesigns due to value engineering of some of the building components. FEC developed extensive test recommendations and protocols for quality assurance testing of the building enclosure’s performance including the testing of a first install mock-up and final quality assurance testing of the entire building enclosure.