Tasman East Residential

Tasman East Residential


Client: Related California

Owner: Related California

Location: Santa Clara

Gross Square Footage: 850,000 sf

Completion: July 2022

Project Type: Multi-Family Residential

Construction: Type IA

Involvement: Design, Construction Administration, Construction Observations,

Field Engineering


On a site which brings together market rate housing, senior living, mixed use, and outdoor amenities, Tasman East – Residential is a one of two towers anchoring the city block sized site in Santa Clara. The project will bring market rate housing, retail spaces, a restaurant, and a preschool to this diverse community development.. The project engages the park through a careful misalignment of façade and floor plate creating varying balconies and terraces across the building.

Scope of Work

FEC has been a part of this project team since design. FEC is providing direction, recommendations, details, and specifications for high performance and seamless construction of the building enclosure system. FEC will continue to provide consulting services for the entire building enclosure through bidding and construction by providing construction administration services and construction observations.